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Download Samples

The Chronolator Browser Tools themselves run in a Web browser and do not need to be downloaded.

On this page you can download some sample files for the tools.

Available Packages

The packages are supplied as compressed ('zip') files. See the comments after the table for instructions about downlaoding and unzipping them.

Integrate Samples

You might use these alongside the Familiarising Yourself section of the Chronolator Integrate Help.

There is one Composite Chronology and several Internal Chronologies:

SampleCompositeChronologyHealth.txt is built from all the Internal Chronologies except SampleInternalChronologyPolice.txt and SampleInternalChronologySocialCare.txt

Unzipping the files

The files are supplied in compressed ('zip') format. There are many ways to get them onto your computer, and if you already know how you can ignore these instructions. If not, this method should always work.

  1. Download the zip file to your computer
  2. Extract the files it contains
  3. Tidy up

Step 1: Download the zip file to your computer

As you can delete the zip file when you have finished extraction, it does not matter where you save it; your Desktop is probably a convenient place.

  1. Right-click on the link in the Package column
  2. From the popup menu, choose to Save the file to your computer.

To save to your computer, choose Save Link As..., Save Target As..., or Download Linked File As... depending on your browser.

Step 2: Extract files

You can extract the zip file's contents to any convenient location on your own computer, or to a folder on a shared network drive.

How to do so depends on what software is on your computer.

WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip and other specialised programs

Your computer might have a special program like one of the above to process zip files. If so, you should open the zip file and follow the program's instructions about extracting files. If the program has an option to Use folder names or something similar, you should tick it to ensure that the correct folder structure is preserved.

Windows built-in facilities

If your computer does not have a special program for zip files, Windows will open it as usual if you click on it. You will be able to see and open all the files in it, and many will work as expected. However, some Chronolator features will not work from a document in a zipped folder, and you MUST extract them to an uncompressed folder before using them. The safest thing to do is always to extract everything after downloading the zip.

Different Windows versions offer different ways to do this, but the following method should work in all of them.

Do not open the zip file with the left mouse button. Instead, right-click on it and click Extract all ... to start the Extraction Wizard, and follow the prompts.

If, having apparently successfully downloaded the file, Windows or your extraction program report errors, please see the problems downloading page. If the suggestions there do not solve the problem, please email

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