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Online Help - Version 3.5

The Help files below apply to Chronolator Version 3.5.

The version you are using is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the Licence Acceptance screen that you see when you open a Chronolator document.

Release Notes

Earlier versions

Documentation for earlier versions is available in Word and PDF formats.

You can download it from here.

Setting Up Chronolator Documents describes How to create Chronolator Documents using the Chronolator Online Workbench, and how to distribute them.

Using Chronolator Documents describes to enter events in a Chronolator Document, how to combine Chronolator Documents into Composite Chronologies, and how to use all the other tools and features Chronolator provides.

Using Chronolator Samples contains some exercises you can undertake with the sample documents to acquaint yourself with the main features of Chronolator.

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