Setting Up Chronolator Documents
Messages 7000 - 7999

Chronolator issues these messages when you use the Anonymisation and Highlighting features.



Glossary contains similar entries


Anonymisation and Personalisation are not possible because the Abbreviations Glossary contains abbreviations and / or definitions that are too similar to each other..

You can update the glossary and related text using Tools > Glossary > Edit.

Press Review to see the relevant entries, or OK to dismiss this message.

Possible actions

See Changing an abbreviation in the Using Chronolator Documents help or manual.





Formatting introduced while using the <feature> feature can be lost when Checking or Merging Tables, processing Sequence numbers, and in some other circumstances which are described in the 'Using Chronolator Documents' manual.

Press OK to continue, or Cancel so that you can save your work and review the manual before trying again.

This message will not be shown again during this session. 

Further Information

The Bold, Italic, Underline formatting which can be applied using the Anonymisation feature, and the colours applied by the Highlight Source feature can sometimes be lost.

This happens because Chronolator makes some compromises between convenience and speed. When formatting and colouring are lost it would be possible for Chronolator to reapply it automatically, but this could take time in a large file. Instead of doing this, it warns you it might happen and directs you here for more information.

The following buttons and processes will ALWAYS destroy formatting and colouring:

  • Check Tables
  • Tools > Duplicates > Highlight
  • Tools > Duplicates > Delete
  • Tools > Sequencing > Add
  • Tools > Sequencing > Update - sequential
  • Tools > Sequencing > Update - group by day

The following buttons and processes will SOMETIMES destroy formatting and colouring because they rely on the Source Prefixes in the Source of Information column being in a uniform state (for example, having the right number of spaces between words and being in the correct case). As long as the column is unchanged from one run to the next, formatting and colouring will be unaffected:

  • Tools > Glossary > Edit > Change
  • Tools > Glossary > Edit > Delete
  • Tools > Glossary > Edit > Review
  • Tools > Glossary > Anonymisation and Review > Anonymise
  • Tools > Glossary > Anonymisation and Review > Personalise
  • Tools > Glossary > Anonymisation and Review > Review
  • Tools > Highlight Source > Define and Do > OK

The following buttons and processes will SOMETIMES destroy formatting and colouring, either because the table has cells of different widths or because a bug in Microsoft Word erroneously thinks it has:

  • Tools > Sequencing > Delete
  • Tools > Sequencing > Clear
  • Import Tables (if the importing document has a Sequence column but the imported one does not, or vice versa)

Possible actions

Do not use the Anonymisation and Highlight Source features until you have no further need for the buttons and processes known ALWAYS to destroy formatting and colouring before using.

Avoid changing the Source of Information column.



Abbreviation Not Used


The selected abbreviation and definition are not used in the text.



Abbreviations Not Used


The selected abbreviations and definitions are not used in the text.



Nothing to anonymise


The selected abbreviation is not used in the text.


The selected abbreviations are not used in the text.



Nothing to personalise


The selected abbreviation is not used in the text.


The selected abbreviations are not used in the text.

Further Information

If the message includes the text 'with the specified formatting', you have asked Chronolator only to look for abbreviations which have Bold, Italic, Underline formatting by ticking the box on the Anonymisation form.

If the Use formatting checkbox is ticked when a document is being Personalised, only those occurrences of an abbreviation which are formatted like this will be changed.