Setting Up Chronolator Documents
Messages 8000 - 8999

Chronolator issues these messages when you use Chronolator Add-ins.



Add-in loaded successfully


Please refer to the documentation accompanying the add-in for details about what it does and how to use it.



Add-in failed to load



<error message> 

Further Information

Add-in <document> failed to load.

The reason is given in  <error message> 

Possible actions

Ensure that <document> is a valid Chronolator Add-in for the version of Chronolator.

If you think it is, contact your Administrator and ask them to report the problem to Berrick Computing. Give them as much detail as possible.



Cannot open document - a Chronolator Add-in is loaded


Only one Chronolator document can be open while a Chronolator Add-in is loaded.