Setting Up Chronolator Documents
Microsoft Word Macros
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If, when you open a Chronolator Document, either the Licence is displayed or the Add-ins tab on the Ribbon has a Chronolator Toolbar, you do not need to read here any further.

Word might – or might not – warn you that a document contains macros when you open it.

Before it does so, Word might open a document in Protected View.  For more details, see Protected View.

Chronolator works by using Word macros. Because they are computer programs, macros can be used to propagate and run computer viruses. Word therefore allows you to prevent them running, since for most documents they are unnecessary. However, for Chronolator they are essential.

The following pages show you how to allow Chronolator macros to run without compromising your computer.

Digitally Signed Macros

Chronolator Version 5.0 macros are 'digitally signed' by Berrick Computing Ltd, which means that Word checks they have not been tampered with since they were published. If they have been, Word will not allow them to run.

You can choose to trust all documents signed by Berrick Computing Ltd, in which case Chronolator Documents will always run macros when you open them. This document shows you how.

Sometimes your IT department might prevent you from making the changes described below. If so, you might like to ask them to read Group Policy settings for Chronolator Macros.

Enabling macros

Word usually informs you it has disabled macros by displaying a message under the Ribbon, with an Enable Content button.

If you want to enable macros just this once, press Enable Content,  and continue reading at Licensing

enable Content

If you want always to let macros run in this document, press Macros have been disabled,  and continue reading at Setting a level of Trust.

If Word does not inform you it has disabled macros, press File, and continue reading at Setting a level of Trust.

file Tab

Setting a level of Trust

You can choose to enable macros each time you open a Chronolator Document. If you find that inconvenient, you can specify a level of trust in them:

You set a level of Trust on the Info tab in Word's Backstage View.

You can get to Backstage View by pressing the File tab on the Ribbon, or by pressing Macros have been disabled  if Word displayed a security warning when you opened a document.

Making a Trusted Document

If you make the document a Trusted Document, Word will automatically enable macros in it whenever you open it.

In Backstage View:




Press Enable Content to see more options.

Press Enable All Content.

enabling all content

If the document is on a network location, Word might warn you about it.

Press Yes.

trusting a document

Making Berrick Computing Ltd a Trusted Publisher

If you make Berrick Computing Ltd a Trusted Publisher, Word will automatically enable macros in this document and any other Chronolator Documents you receive in future.

In Backstage View:




Press Enable Content to see more options.


 Press Advanced Options.

advanced security options

In the resulting Microsoft Office Security Options display:








Press Trust all documents from this publisher.

Press OK.

What if I cannot Enable Macros?

If for some reason you cannot enable macros, you can still update the document but you will not be able to use basic Word Save (you will get a message about macros being disabled). In that case, you should save your changes either: