Setting Up Chronolator Documents
Installing Chronolator
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Chronolator is written in Visual Basic for Applications, which is a standard feature of Microsoft Office. All Chronolator Documents contain the Chronolator software internally, so no special installation or setup procedure is required.

Such as it is, 'installing' Chronolator is simply a matter of saving some Word documents on your system, and then (if you wish) installing a licence.

System Requirements

Microsoft Word

Chronolator works with all versions of Word for Windows from XP up, including 64 bit versions where available.

Macros must be enabled.

See A note about Word versions and options for information about Word for Mac.

Downloading and installing the Online Workbench

The Chronolator Online Workbench  is used to create the Chronolator Documents you send to agencies for completion.

Instructions about how to download and install it and its related documents are at

Distributed Chronolator Documents

People who receive the Chronolator Documents you create do not need to install any software programs. They merely need to have one of the above versions of Microsoft Word.


Chronolator is licensed software. You can evaluate its features without having a licence, but the Chronologies it creates include a watermark on every page. If you do not want these watermarks to appear, your Chronolator Document must be licensed.

When you buy a licence to use the Chronolator Online Workbench, you are given a small text file. To install it, simply copy it into the same folder as the Online Workbench. The Online Workbench propagates the licence information into the Chronolator Documents it creates.

Details about how to get a licence for the Online Workbench can be found on the Chronolator Web site at