Setting Up Chronolator Documents
Sample Covering Email for Chronolator Data Entry users
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This is some sample text you might want to use in a covering letter or email. If you want to preserve the links and formatting in it, use the 'Keep Source Formatting' or similar option when you copy it into another program such as Word or Outlook. 

Please find attached the Serious Case Review document as discussed at the recent panel meeting.

It is a special text document which has been produced using Chronolator, the Chronology Tool.

The first thing you should do is to save it in a suitable place on your computer or network.

When you have done so, you can start to update it using the Chronolator Data Entry tool at The tool has three main tabs:

There is also a Settings tab, and a Help one which explains most things about the tool and has a link to further Help should you need it.

Entering events

You can enter events as the records come to hand, and use the Sort button on the Chronolator toolbar to put them in date order.

You can enter dates and times as they appear on the original records, and use the Format button to put them into a consistent format.

Error checking

Chronolator will check that any event you enter has all the required information, and will not allow you to save it if it does not.

If you want to check that events are in chronological order, use the Check button on the toolbar.

Returning the document

When you have finished, please save the file using one of the buttons on the Finish tab.

If you have any problems please contact Marion, who will be able to advise you.