Using Chronolator Documents
About this document

This document describes the Chronolator tools that help to complete, merge, format, and review chronology tables.

It also contains some hints and tips about using Word tables in general, and a complete list of Chronolator messages.

For information about the terminology used in this document (such as Internal Chronology and Local Administrator), see the Glossary.

This document is best viewed online, but if you want to save a copy for offline use click here.

Other major documents

Setting Up Chronolator Documents describes how to create Chronolator Documents using the Chronolator Online Workbench, and how to distribute them.

Using Chronolator Samples contains some exercises you can undertake with the sample documents to acquaint yourself with the main features of Chronolator.

Supplementary documents

The following supplementary documents are available in PDF format.

Chronolator Installation Verification ProcedureAfter you have downloaded and unzipped Chronolator you can use the procedure described in this document to check the installation of the Chronolator Online Workbench.
Chronolator Version 5.0 Release NotesSummarises the changes made between Chronolator Versions 4.0 and 5.0.
Getting a non-Chronolator review into ChronolatorNew customers have often already started a review before they buy a Chronolator licence. This document outlines how Chronolator can be used to improve the process of assembling a multi-agency chronology from a collection of non-Chronolator documents.
Group Policy Settings for Chronolator macrosFor IT departments, this document describes Microsoft Office Group Policy Administrative Templates that affect the ability to run macros, and thus the ability to run Chronolator.