Using Chronolator Documents
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If there is something extra you would like Chronolator to do, please contact us to discuss the possibility of implementing it in an add-in.

Requests for new features have previously taken a long time to fulfil owing to the complexity of incorporating them and then testing the whole product. Add-ins allow feature requests to be satisfied more quickly.

Chronolator Add-ins are Word templates (.dotm files). They should not be confused with the Add-ins tab on the Word Ribbon.

If a Chronolator Add-in is likely to be useful to a wide audience, it will be published on the Chronolator web site. Links to available add-ins will be provided at

Add-ins include detailed instructions about how to use them. The rest of this section gives brief instructions about how to use a typical add-in, in this case called c8Addin40Age03.

Loading an add-in

The first step is to load the add-in into Word. Press Tools > Add-ins > Load add-in:

Load Add-in button

Word's Open dialog will appear. Navigate to and open the add-in:


Add-ins are supplied with instructions and a demonstration chronology. The add-in itself is the .dotm file (usually the first one in the list).
Choosing an Add-in

Message 8000 confirms the add-in has loaded:

Message 8000

Press OK to dismiss the message.

Using an add-in

After an add-in has loaded, it updates the Tools > Add-ins menu with its functions. In this case, the add-in has provided options to add, delete, or rename an Age column.

Add-ins are supplied with their own detailed instructions.
Add-in buttons