Using Chronolator Documents

A Composite Chronology is produced by an Administrator. In Chronolator terminology, there are two kinds of Administrator:

A Local Administrator distributes copies of the document to other people and merges them into a Composite Chronology when they have been completed.

When the Composite Chronology has been completed, a Local Administrator returns it to the person who asked them for the information.

The flowcharts in What is Chronolator and what does it do? illustrate the flow of documents between administrators and data collectors.

The only difference in administrators' procedures is that a Case Review Administrator should use the Online Workbench to create a new Composite Chronology, while a Local Administrator must use the Admin > New Composite Chronology button on the Chronolator Document toolbar

Using the Online Workbench to create the Composite Chronology ensures that it is licensed for as long as the Online Workbench. Composite Chronologies created from an Internal Chronology are only licensed for the same period as the Internal Chronology.