Using Chronolator Documents
Recovering corrupted Chronolator Documents

Like any Word document, a Chronolator document can become corrupted if problems occur on your computer or network while you are working on it. Symptoms can vary. For example:

The next few paragraphs describe what you can do to try to recover them.

Run-time Errors

Chronolator uses macros and variables which are hidden inside the document. If they become corrupted, you might get a message similar to this:

The actual 'Run-time error' number and description can vary.
Runtime error message

To recover from this, you will need a blank Chronolator Document. If you still have the original which was sent to you, you should use that. If not, contact the person who sent it to you and ask for another copy.


Step 1. Open the blank Chronolator Document

Step 2. Use Word's Insert File tool

(press Insert > Object > Text from file)

Word Insert File button

Step 3. Navigate to and select the corrupted document and press Insert

Word Insert File dialog

Step 4. Save, close and re-open the document.

If the document is OK when you re-open it, you have successfully recovered your document and can carry on with your work.

If not, or if the Insert fails:

  1. follow the instructions in the next section Corrupted tables or text, or Word stops working
  2. go back to Step 1 above, and then in Step 3, insert the file you will have created in the next section

Corrupted tables or text, or Word stops working

If the tables or text in the document have become corrupted, or Word stops working, try using Word's Open and Repair facility, which is available from Word's standard Open dialog.

Reaching the Open dialog

You reach the Open dialog in different ways depending on your version of Word:

In Word 2007, press  Word 2007 button > Open.

In Word 2010 and later versions, press the File tab.

File Tab

What to do when you have opened the File tab also depends on your version of Word:

In Word 2010 and Word 2013, press Open, then Computer, then Browse

Open file dialog button

In Word 2016 and later versions, press Open, then Browse

Open file dialog button

Using Open and Repair from the Open dialog

Navigate to the corrupted document, but do not left- or double-click on it; if you do, it will open without giving you the opportunity to repair it.

  1. right-click on it to select it
  2. press the small arrow to the right of the Open button
  3. press Open and Repair


The options you see when pressing on the small arrow will vary depending on your version of Word.
Open and repair button

Word will try to recover your file. If it succeeds, it will display a list of any problems it has corrected.






Press Close to close the list, and then save the file.

Close repairs form button