Using Chronolator Documents
Checking for errors

Chronolator checks your Internal Chronology document every time you close it. If it finds errors, it displays Message 3005.

Press Cancel to keep the document open so you can correct the errors.

Press OK if you want to correct them later. The document will close.

Message 3005

You can also check the document whenever you want by pressing the Check Tables button on the Chronolator toolbar:

Check Tables button
If the document is error-free it will tell you:Message 3010

If the document contains errors, Message 3000 is displayed. The number in brackets says how many errors were found.

Like all Chronolator messages, it has some suggestions about what you might do next. In this case, the message describes how you can find out more about the errors.
Message 3000
There are several ways for you to find the errors Chronolator identifies, illustrated in this picture:
  • A flag like this is put at the left of the error
  • Hovering your mouse over the flag displays a brief description.
  • Error text is highlighted. Invalid data is coloured turquoise, valid dates or times which are out of sequence are coloured yellow, and rows with the wrong number of columns are coloured purple.
  • Use the navigation buttons buttons on the Chronolator toolbar to go from one error to the next. This is useful if you are working in a long document
  • There is a complete list of errors at the end of the document. Use the navigation list button button to the right of the navigation buttons to go there
error tooltip