Using Chronolator Documents
Chronology Document Toolbars
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After you accept the licence terms, Chronolator creates a new Toolbar on the Ribbon's Add-Ins tab. Click Add-ins to display it.

If a Chronolator toolbar does not appear, see The Chronolator toolbar does not appear.

Different Chronology Document types have different toolbars as shown below.

Common buttons

The Advanced and Help buttons are included on every toolbar. The former provides facilities that you should normally use only if asked to by Chronolator support. The latter provides links to this Help and to other learning tools.

The Internal Chronology toolbar

Internal Chronology toolbar

The Internal Chronology toolbar provides several features to simplify the production of an accurate chronology which can easily be merged with others. These features are described in detail elsewhere in this Help, but here is a summary of what they do:

The Admin menu has buttons for various administrative tasks, such as:

The Tools menu helps you:

The Format Dates menu changes dates and times to a consistent format, including options to include the day of the week.

The Sort Tables menu sorts the rows of a table into ascending or descending date and time order.

The Check Tables button checks the data in a document on demand (Chronolator also checks it when you close an Internal Chronology document).

The navigation Buttons buttons navigate from one error to the next.

The navigation list button button takes you to  list of errors at the end of the document.

The Publish menu creates an exact copy of the document without any Chronolator macros. It also allows you to produce the chronology table in several narrative formats, and to produce an analysis of the chronology.

The Advanced menu contains some functions that should normally only be used if you are asked to do so by Chronolator support staff.

The Help menu provides links to this Help and other learning tools.

The New Composite Chronology toolbar

New Composite Chronology toolbar

A new Composite Chronology does not 'know' anything about the case it is going to include - it gets that information from the first chronology you import.

To keep the toolbar simple, the New Composite Chronology toolbar only includes a button to Import Tables from a chronology.

The Old Composite Chronology toolbar

Old Composite Chronology toolbar

The Old Composite Chronology toolbar is the same as the Internal Chronology toolbar, with the addition of the Import Tables and Merge Tables buttons.