Using Chronolator Documents
Normalising the Source of Information column

When processing abbreviations and highlighting documents by agency, Chronolator relies on the Source Prefixes in the Source of Information column being in a uniform state (for example, having the right number of spaces between words and being in the correct case). Chronolator does this automatically when needed, but the algorithm it uses to check whether it is necessary does not check every event in a large file - to do so might take too long. There is, therefore, the possibility that abbreviations might not properly be found and that highlighting might not properly be applied.

Macro c8NormaliseSourceOfInformation can be used to put the Source Prefixes in a uniform state if required.

Note that any Bold, Italic, Underline formatting applied using the Anonymisation feature will be lost and will need to be redone. If that is the case, Personalise the document without using formatting, and then Anonymise it using formatting. See Anonymisation and Personalisation for more details.

Similarly, any colours applied by the Highlight Source feature will be lost and need to be redone. Chronolator remembers the highlighting which was last applied, so you just need to press Tools > Highlight Source > Define and Do  and then press the OK  button on the Highlight Source options selector.