Using Chronolator Documents
Copying and Moving items in a table
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When you have selected an item by one of the methods described above you can copy or move it to another place with the Mouse or with the Keyboard.

Copying and moving items with the mouse

Use Windows Drag and Drop. To Move an item, do the following;

If you want to Copy instead of Move, hold the Ctrl key while you do the above.

Copying and moving items with the keyboard

Use the Windows Clipboard shortcut keys to copy the selected item to the Clipboard:

Move the Insertion Point to the desired location, and press Ctrl + V to paste the Clipboard into the new location

Undoing mistakes

Because of the many types of table elements you can select, it is easy to make a mistake. If you want to undo a mistake, you can press the mouse on the Undo button on Word's Quick Access Toolbar, or press Ctrl + Z on the keyboard.