Using Chronolator Documents
Selecting items in a table

If you want to move or copy an item in a table, you must first Select it. Word highlights whatever is selected.

You can select items with the Mouse or with the Keyboard.

Selecting items with the mouse

The table below shows how to select table items with the mouse.

Be careful, because if you move the mouse while you are pressing it the effect can sometimes be different to what you want as the pointer changes.

Also, note that there is a difference between selecting the text in a cell and selecting the cell itself.

Item to be selected

Mouse pointer

Mouse action

Text in a cell

insertion cursor

Press and hold at beginning of text, drag to desired end, let go.


cell selection cursor

Press left edge of cell.


row selection cursor

Press to left of row.


column selection cursor

Press top edge of column.

Multiple elements

Press as above and drag across the table as desired.


Selecting items with the keyboard

The table below shows how to select table items with the keyboard.

Item to be selected


Text in the cell to the right


Text in the cell to the left

Shift +Tab                

Multiple elements

Shift + Arrow keys (experiment!)