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Working with Duplicated Rows
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Use Tools > Duplicates to highlight or delete duplicated rows.

Duplicates button

How duplicated rows can occur

Duplicated rows can occur for various reasons. For example:

Sometimes however, duplicates - or near-duplicates - might occur for other reasons. It could be that two different agencies report the same event in exactly the same way. Although this might be unlikely, Chronolator is designed to help you identify and analyse potentially duplicated events however they occur.

Highlight or Delete?

Chronolator can either highlight duplicated rows or delete them. You might want to highlight and review them before deleting them.

If you wish, Chronolator will save deleted duplicates in a separate document.

Ignoring the Source of Information when identifying duplicates

You can instruct Chronolator to ignore the Source of Information column when looking for duplicates. You might want to do this if you have inadvertently imported a Chronolator Document twice using two different Source Prefixes.


The various options are illustrated below using the following table. Although somewhat implausible, it does provide a useful illustration of the options.

All four rows are identical, except for the Source of Information entry in the second row, which says Portmanor MC instead of Portmanor Medical Centre:

Duplicated events

Highlighting duplicates

When you press Tools > Duplicates > Highlight, the Highlight Duplicate Rows form is displayed:

It contains a check box labelled Ignore source column.

Duplicate events form - Ignore source checkbox

If you leave the check box blank and press OK, only the last two rows will be highlighted:

Duplicated events - two highlighted

In contrast, if you tick the box before pressing OK, the last three rows will be highlighted:


Duplicated events - three highlighted

The navigation buttons on the Chronolator toolbar can be used to go from one duplicate row to the next in a long document.

Duplicates navigation buttons

Deleting duplicates

When you press Tools > Duplicates > Delete, the Delete Duplicate Rows form is displayed with an extra option:






If you want to save any rows which are deleted in a new document, tick the Copy Deleted Rows check box.


Duplicate events form - Copy Deleted Rows checkbox

After you press OK, Chronolator tells you it has deleted some duplicates (3 in this example).

Message 3031 - events deleted

Press Go to list to switch to the new document containing the deleted rows.

The description of Message 3031 has some suggestions about how you can use the new document to recover the deleted rows should you wish to do so.
Duplicate events - Copied Deleted Rows checkbox