Using Chronolator Samples
About the Exercises

The exercises in the following sections will help you become familiar with Chronolator’s main features. Choose which ones you want to do - there is no need to do them all in order.

For more information about these features and other tools, refer to the Using Chronolator Documents manual.

All the exercises assume that the sample documents have not been changed. If that is not the case, you can download them again from

Word might require you to allow some actions each time you open a sample document. In particular:

You will also need to accept the terms of the Chronolator licence if you have not already done so since you opened Word.

For details, please refer to the following:

Chronolator often displays a completion message of some kind after it has done a bit of processing. Also, some tools stay open so you can use them repeatedly while checking results in the background. Unless it is important for the exercise, the instructions below do not mention these things: just press OK, Close, or whatever you need to dismiss the message or tool and carry on.

If you are using Word's Auto-save feature, a red box will be added to the document header at every auto-save interval. You can safely ignore it.

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