Using Chronolator Samples
About the sample documents

The sample documents can be used to practise using Chronolator and to familiarise yourself with its main features. They include an Internal Chronology containing a number of errors and some error-free Internal and Composite Chronologies. Each one is briefly described in the table below.

You can open each sample and experiment, or if you prefer to take a more structured approach you can follow some of the exercises later on in this document.

If you save any changes you make but want to go back to the original versions, you can always download them again from




An Internal Chronology containing examples of most of the problems Chronolator looks for in a chronology, such as missing entries.


An error-free Internal Chronology.


An error-free Internal Chronology.


An error-free Internal Chronology.


An anonymised error-free Composite Chronology such as might have been assembled by the Designated Professional in the diagram in the Using Chronolator Documents help or manual .