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Exercise 10 - Updating the Abbreviations Glossary

Agencies can add their own entries to the Abbreviations Glossary. It is possible that two agencies might add similar entries (for example, AD/Alan Daniels and AD/Adam Donoghue).  Chronolator always keeps track of where an abbreviation has been defined, but if you want to use the Anonymisation feature all abbreviations and definitions must be unique.

You can use the Tools > Glossary > Edit tool to change a user-defined Glossary entry. Chronolator updates the glossary and makes any required changes in the document.



What to expect and other comments


Read Chronolator Toolbars and About the Exercises if you have not already done so.


Open SampleCompositeChronologyHealth.


Type Arthur Clements  in the Family Contact - Child column in the first event so that it is as shown to the right.

Type Arthur Clements


Press Tools > Glossary > Edit:

Edit Glossary button

The Abbreviations Glossary form is displayed showing the abbreviations in the document and their definitions:

Edit Glossary form

The Defined by / in column shows where an abbreviation has been defined.

You cannot change abbreviations defined by Administrator except in a Composite Chronology created by the Administrator.


Click GP1 / Arthur Clements.

The Change  button is enabled:

Edit Glossary form


Press Change.

The current abbreviation and definition appear in the boxes near the bottom of the form, with a message inviting you to change them:

Edit Glossary form


Type GP99 and Xaviera Yarrup and press the Change button next to them:

Edit Glossary form

The Glossary is updated:

Glossary changed
In this exercise you changed both the Abbreviation and the Definition, but you can choose just to do either one.


Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the list to scroll it to the right.

Edit Glossary form

The original entry is still there, so you can always find it in the document in which it was first defined:

Edit Glossary form
 If you are using this feature to anonymise a document, remember not to publish it without first using the Publish > Exact Copy  tool to produce a copy without any Chronolator code, and hence without the ability to reveal the abbreviations.


Press the Close  button in the bottom right hand corner of the form.

Notice that GP1 and Arthur Clements have changed to GP99 and Xaviera Yarrup respectively:

Type Arthur Clements


Close SampleCompositeChronologyHealth without saving changes.

In this exercise, you have learned:

In this exercise we changed the abbreviations in a Composite Chronology. However, it is worth checking before you import a document whether it contains any abbreviations that are the same as those in the Composite Chronology. If so, consider changing them before the import. The end result in the Composite Chronology will be the same, but you might think that the additional consistency between it and the imported document is worthwhile.

Exercise 11 - Navigating a document and extracting events using the Abbreviations Glossary illustrates how you can browse a document using the Abbreviations Glossary and produce a summary document containing only the events pertaining to selected glossary entries.