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Exercise 3 - The Age and Interval Calculator

When you are working on a chronology, it is often useful to calculate the interval between two dates. The Age and Interval Calculator does just that, and lets you copy and paste the results into your document.



What to expect and other comments


Read Chronolator Toolbars and About the Exercises if you have not already done so.


Open SampleCompositeChronologyHealth.


Press Tools > Age Calculator :

Age and Interval calculator button

Age and Interval calculator

The calculator works out the difference between Date 1 and Date 2.

If you have not used it before in this document, Date 1 has today’s date in it, and Date 2 is blank.

If you have used it before and saved the document, the last two dates you used will be shown.


Type 1 2 into the Date 2 box.

Age and Interval calculator

Notice that as soon as Chronolator can interpret what you type as a date, it tells you its interpretation to the right of the box and a Copy  button appears. In the example here, Chronolator has interpreted 1 2 as the first of February in the current year.


Carry on typing, so the box now says 1 2 3.

Age and Interval calculator

Chronolator has interpreted 1 2 3 as the first of February in the year 2003.


Press Copy.

The text in the Interval box is copied to the clipboard.


Click somewhere in the document.

You do not need to close the Calculator.


Paste the clipboard in your usual way: e.g. by pressing Ctrl + V, or by pressing Paste on the Home tab:

Paste button

The text is pasted into the document at the position you chose:

Age calculator result pasted

It is now just like any other document text and you can edit it as you please - perhaps to change the full detail 16 years, 11 months, 30 days (62082 days) to something shorter like 16 years, 11 months.


Experiment with other date formats such as 25 12 1950, 22/5/52, Jul 7 80, 1982-06-25, 7th jun84.

Age and Interval calculator

Chronolator accepts a variety of date formats, just as it does when you enter a date in a chronology.


Close SampleCompositeChronologyHealth without saving changes.


In this exercise, you have learnt that: