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Requirements and Installation

What are the software requirements for Chronolator?

Chronolator runs in any standards-compliant Web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

It is important to note that only the software resides on the Web. Your chronologies stay on your computer, completely under your control. Their confidentiality is not compromised.

General Usage

Can I protect a Chronolator document with a password?

Chronologies are stored in a format that can only properly be understood by one of the Chronolator Browser Tools. If you open one in Notepad or any other text editor it s difficult to read or appears to be nonsensical. However, anyone can use one of the Chronolator Browser Tools to read it.

You can also password-protect the file, which encrypts it even further. A Chronolator Browser Tool will then require the password to be supplied before decrypting and opening it.

Can you add this or that feature to Chronolator?

Please contact us at the address on the suggestions page if there is something that you would like Chronolator to do that is not included.

Known Problems

These are the ongoing issues we have so far been unable to fix or circumvent. Please refer to the Release History page for details of problems fixed in each Chronolator version. If your problem is neither fixed in the latest release nor mentioned below, please describe it as fully as you can in an email to

There are no unfixed problems at present.
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