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Documentation - Version 2.1

These documents apply to Chronolator Version 2.1.

The version you are using is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the Licence Acceptance screen that you see when you open a Chronolator document.

If you are not using Version 2.1, find your one here.

Release Notes

Setting Up Chronolator Documents

How to use the Online Workbench to create customised Chronolator Documents. Effectively a printable version of the Chronolator Online Workbench for people who prefer to read a printed document rather than a computer screen.

Contains a complete list of all Chronolator messages

Using Chronolator Documents

How to enter and check events in Chronolator Documents, and how to produce merged Composite Chronologies.

Contains a complete list of all Chronolator messages

Illustration of FeaturesA fictional case study showing how Chronolator might be used.
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