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Available Packages

Chronolator is supplied in compressed ('zip') folders. You can download everything in one complete package, or download individual smaller packages. Please refer to the table below.

PackageContentsRecommended for
  • Everyone.

If you experience problems downloading this package, even from our alternate download sites, try the following selective packages.

SamplesSample documents.
  • Anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with the features of Chronolator Documents, or practise using them;
  • People who have changed their own copies of the Samples and want to retrieve the originals.

The Samples be used in conjunction with the exercises in Using Chronolator Samples, which can be found on the documentation page.

Chronology SetupChronolator Online Workbench and Master Chronology.
  • People who only want to set up new Chronology Documents.

No documentation is included: it can be found in Setting Up Chronolator Documents on the documentation page.

Documentation (Word)Documentation in Word format.

This format is ideal for reading online when Word is available.

Documentation (PDF)Documentation in PDF format.

PDFs can be read on a variety of devices, and are best for printing even when Word is available.


Add-ins provide extra features to Chronolator.

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