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Chronolator Conversion Tool

Use the conversion tool to:

  • add macros to a Published Chronolator Document;
  • upgrade a Chronolator Document to the latest version.

The Conversion Tool contains all the program macros required by a Chronolator Document.

It can be used to add macros to a document that has been produced using the Publish > Exact Copy or Publish > Custom buttons, or to update the macros in an existing Chronolator Document.

Using the tool


  1. Download the tool if you have not already done so;
  2. Open the tool in Microsoft Word and follow the instructions below.

Detailed instructions

1. Download the tool

The tool is reusable; you do not need to download it if you already have a copy

  • Right-click this download the tool link;
  • From the popup menu, choose to Save the file to your computer.

To save to your computer, choose Save Link As..., Save Target As..., or Download Linked File As... depending on your browser

2. Open the tool in Word, ensuring macros are enabled

You must enable macros to use the tool.

For more information about macros, see one of the following:

3. Accept the licence terms

Once you have enabled macros, an Evaluation Licence form will be displayed:


Press OK to accept its terms.

If you are upgrading an existing licensed document, its licence will be copied to the upgraded document.

4. Press the Get Document button

After you accept the licence, a Get Document button will be added to the Add-ins tab on the Word Ribbon:

Get Document button

Press it, and you will be prompted to Open a document.

Navigate to the document to which you want to add macros, or which you want to upgrade.

After a short while, you will be prompted to Save the new document. Choose a name and location, and save it in the normal way.

Either keep the suggested file type Word Macro-Enabled Document (*.docm):

Save as docm

or change it to Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc).

Save as doc

5. Wait for the Chronolator Toolbar to be updated

When the Save has completed, the Add-ins tab on the Ribbon will be updated with a new Chronolator toolbar. Please note that this can take a few seconds, and wait until the new toolbar is displayed:

Chronolator toolbar

If the toolbar is not updated after a minute or so, close and reopen the document.

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